Monday, August 26, 2013

Co-op Learning Garden late summer update

Yellow tomatoes and basil for Caprese salad straight from the Co-op garden. Yum yum!

The Co-op garden with its new fence and gate!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

NEW for this year! The Co-op Learning Garden

Take a peak at the Co-op garden plans!  Be sure to watch as our garden grows with plants and our curious Co-opers!  Be sure to ask what they have planted (right now there are only pumpkins) and if they can remember the fancy word for dirt (soil).  It's been great fun to watch as some hands dive into dirt and some explore more cautiously.  Everyone has LOVED watering.  Look for the colorfully topped spray bottles at the playground or near the raised beds on your way into the classroom to water at your leisure.  With the spray bottles, we can have lots of little hands help water without harming our plants.

Construction of the garden is in two phases.  The raised beds are completed and we are filling them up.  The remaining part of Phase 1 includes a pergola and patio space.  Just remember that gardens, like children, take time to grow and develop!  It may not look like much at first, but we promise it will flourish, grow, and delight! 

Andrew Lemmon, an alumnus of Co-op and a Boy Scout, is working on Phase 1 of the garden as his Eagle Scout project.  His sister is a current student and his other brother also attended the school.  We are so pleased to have Andrew’s assistance in this project!  Andrew is accepting donations to help with purchasing the supplies for the pergola and patio space.  Phase 2 of the project includes fencing and adding a hard surface for St. Martin’s parishoners to enjoy the garden space. If you are interested in assisting with Phase 2 or any part of the garden, please email me at!

Co-op Garden Plans

Co-op Learning Garden Request for Donations